Construction Services & Facility Services for the Healthcare Industry

DS Contracting, LLC has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to healthcare construction & facility services projects, including large hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, independent living facilities, and other care centers.

We have the precise experience, certifications, and skills for successful projects, whether we are completing new construction for a healthcare facility or renovation. DS Contracting puts safety first when working in occupied spaces such as emergency departments, trauma centers, or MRI facilities. We also serve your needs to repurpose a space for structural growth or to accommodate for new equipment, such as expansions for large imaging technologies.

General Contractor & Facility Services Contractor

Members of our leadership team have built careers in construction for the healthcare industry, including over 30 hospital renovation projects. In addition to certifications through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA 10 and OSHA 30), we also have team members who work extensively with regulatory agencies such as Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) and team members with certifications in Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA).

From deadline-driven renovations of operating rooms, to fuel tank and air-handling unit replacements for occupied medical centers, DS Contracting can point to proven results in safely meeting critical construction and maintenance needs for customers in the healthcare industry.

Project Portfolio

  • HCA Putnam Community Medical Center – Sanitary Sewer Improvements, Palatka, Florida
    • Setup of all ICRA walls, demolition of flooring, drywall, wall tile, and shower ceilings.  Removal and reinstallation of specialties.  Provide and install metal framing and moisture gypsum board at showers.  Provide and installation of wall protection. Provide and install tile for walls and floors, also including mud bed at showers and waterproofing.
  • HCA Westside Regional Medical Center- RTU Replacements, Plantation, FL
    • Provide all ICRA, perform demolition, masonry, structural steel, roofing, EIFS, acoustical ceilings, fireproofing, and painting.
  • HCA Aventura Hospital and Medical Center – AHU #20 Replacement, Aventura, Florida
    • Replacement of existing air handling unit on 3rd floor.
  • HCA Westside Regional Medical Center – EPSS Upgrades, Plantation, Florida
    • Construction of (1) new 6,000 gallon fuel tank to serve the West side of the medical facility, (1) new 6,000 gallon fuel tank to serve the East side of the medical facility, replace existing 600KW generator in West Powerhouse with 1,000KW generator, replace 900 KW generator in East Powerhouse with 1,000 KW generator, construct new electric room for new East Powerhouse main switchboard, re-feed existing panels from new distribution panels, replace distribution panels, switchboard, transfer switches, and quick connect. Work also includes parking modifications, landscaping, mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection scopes.
  • HCA Trinity Medical Center, West Pasco Campus- Chiller, AHU, Generator Upgrades, New Port Richey, Florida
    • Upgrades to the central energy plant including the replacement of air handling units and generator.
  • HCA Ocala Regional Medical Center- 2nd Floor Endoscopy Renovation, Ocala, Florida
    • Selective demolition and demolition concrete of in-slab installations, implement all ICRA measures, cabinetry, installation of doors and hardware, acoustical ceiling tiles, painting, flooring, wall protection, plumbing and med gas modifications, with fire protections, fire alarm, mechanical, and electrical work.
  • HCA Ocala Regional Medical Center, Bed Tower Addition & Ancillary, Ocala Florida
    • Install all the doors, frames, hardware and wall protection. Painting all exposed or unfinished surfaces within a 72,000 SF addition.
  • HCA JFK Medical CenterEPSS Upgrades, Atlantis, Florida
    • Handled the general trades including demolition, concrete, doors & hardware, fire-caulking, and painting.
  • HCA Ocala Regional Medical Center, Ocala Florida (Completed Projects)
    • Operating Room 5 Cystology Renovation
      • Renovated an operating room that included ICRA, concrete work, drywall repairs, painting, flooring, and electrical work.
    • Operating Room 2 & 11 Renovation
      • Renovation of (2) OR rooms which included ICRA, metal framing, drywall, flooring and mechanical, plumbing, and electrical work.
    • Fuel Pump and Tanks Enhancements
      • Provided and installed a diesel aboveground storage fuel tank. This included all galvanized metal work for the ladder with handrails. Scope also included associated mechanical and electrical work.
  • Advent Hospital, Ocala Florida (formerly Munroe Regional Medical Center – Completed Projects)
    • Timberidge Building 90
      • Demo floors, paint, new flooring, installed window treatments exterior pressure washing.
    • 6th Floor Orthopedic Renovation
      • Facelift for 11 existing rooms.  Scope included drywall, paint, and flooring.
    • Operating Room Renovation
      • Renovated (4) OR rooms that included demolition, cabinetry, doors & hardware, painting, new flooring and mechanical, plumbing and electrical work.
    • Scrub X Renovation
      • Renovated the IPC Scrub Vending which included some drywall work, paint, plumbing, & electrical.
    • Group Activity Room Facelift
      • Facelift of activity room that included the installation of doors & hardware, cabinetry, flooring, paint, and also the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical work.
    • Building 221 Finishes Upgrade
      • Work included removal of existing flooring and installed new tile flooring and painting.
    • Kitchen Water Infiltration Repairs
      • Demo walls and ceilings, repaired framing, installed an 8″ densglass along the bottom and covered the rest of the walls with 5/8 marine plywood. Installed FRP, new acoustical ceiling tile in the kitchen zone. Installed new LED lighting, new Vac return and the Stonhard epoxy floor system.
    • Kitchen Ceiling Replacement
      • Ceiling was removed for installation of a new kitchen zone system lighting and rerouted AC refusers to better serve the area.
    • Pyxis Upgrade
      • Construction of a new PYXIS renovation including 34 rooms performed in 2 phases and an 11 room Ortho-Patient room renovation performed in 3 phases.
    • Medical Center Office Conversion
      • Renovated (2) x-ray rooms into office space.
    • Home Health Renovation
      • Demolition, door installation, install carpet, and interior painting.
    • Lifetime Fitness Center
      • Prepped and painted the fitness center complete ceiling.

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